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Life moves fast and change is inevitable. 

Change can create uncertainty that impacts personal and professional relationships, self- esteem and personal growth.

My professional focus is in individual counseling, also including adolescent, and marriage/family counseling that often involves dysfunctional communication, emotional/mood disorders such as bipolar and depression, substance abuse, relationship issues and behavioral problems. I explore with you options for improving communication/relational skills, while developing healthier coping mechanisms and increasing mindful living practices.

We will work together during life challenges to identify your strengths so you can achieve your personal goals. Whether you are seeking help in a crisis or wish to improve some aspect of your life, I will assist you in your personal journey.

Counseling empowers people to make positive, healthy choices, reach their goals and enhance their relationships.

Therapy is a journey that can take time and hard work, but can result in growth, emotional stability and inner peace.

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